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Look at what others are doing with PcsCustom.  Below is an application written in VB that uses PcsCustom.  The black rectangular area represents PcsCustom activeX control. The rest was done with VB standard controls. Don't pay high deployment costs that other CAD vendors charge or spend countless years and money by trying to write your own cad package. PcsCustom has been around for over 17 years. PcsCustom is royalty-free. You may deploy or sell as many copies as you like. Gain a strategic high ground over your competitors or save money internally by using PcsCustom. PcsCustom is available for the unbelievably low price of $1500 for the development kit and $1000 a year if you want support and maintenance.

Drainage application written by Tim Hiteshew




Below is the LIDS iView software by  using Sun Java this time running as a web application.   Again, only the black rectangular area represents PcsCustom by Pangaea Cad Solutions.  Note the automatic tooltip.  Pcscustom supports hover over.


LIDS is an open, scalable software system that covers the scope of the AM/FM/GIS/NIS functionality. LIDS V6 consists of a group of complementary products that cooperate closely. These products are able to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of solutions that can be implemented in diverse market segments and build information systems in different environments from desktop through workgroup solutions, up to enterprise wide implementations.



Here is the LIDS software running under Microsoft Internet Explorer. The rectangular area in the middle with the raster image represents Pangaea Cad Solutions Pcscustom ActiveX control.  Pcscustom supports raster hybrid files.

The light client, LIDS iView enables the user to access information stored in LIDS projects using Internet technologies, within both LAN networks (intranet) and WAN networks (Internet). It is designed to be used by common users who may benefit from the simplified access to graphic and attribute data without having profound knowledge of GIS systems. LIDS iView cooperates closely with LIDS Application Server (LAS), which is the control component of the solution.





This application is made for organizations who need to manage different sorts of terrain and nature in recreational parks and nature parks.  Beside the graphical overview of all the terrain objects you can create very detailed reports about the different maintenance costs in your area.



This application is made for viewing inspection data and inspection movies created from an inspection in a sewer. You can view maps of the sewer system of a city and click on
a specific part of the sewer. All the inspection data and the video is shown to the user. You can also use filters and export your data to Excel or Word





TOMS - System Characteristics
TOMS is an integrated Technical Operational and Maintenance System designed primarily for distribution companies.
The corporate ISís focus particularly on the support for the main corporate processes that usually cover production, sales, economy, personnel policy and supplies.

A wide range of standard SW products is available regarding categories such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), EAM (Enterprise Assets Management), EIS (Executive Information System) and others supporting the basic processes in different branches of enterprise. The applications form an indispensable part of all the corporate IS but do not provide users with any special strategic advantage in the area of supporting the processes of management and control of a distribution network. An offer of a purposefully oriented, integrated IS designed with the aim to support the main production activities of distribution companies, thus satisfying the strategic goals of a company in the area of distribution, is still missing on the market.

Based on detailed analyses and experience with the IS development in several electric power, gas, water, and heat and power distribution companies, TOMS (Technical Operational and Maintenance System) has been developed. The system is targeted at supporting the satisfaction of the primary subject of distribution company activities, which is media distribution (e.g. electric power, water, gas, heat). TOMS provides tools and information resources supporting the accomplishing of the strategic goals of a company.

TOMS provides for information needs of a distribution company in the area of distribution control and it also ensures interconnection with the other systems for managing the company. Thus, it creates prerequisites for integration into the corporate system of management as its integral and indispensable component. The integration is implemented via an interface to the basic modules of the standard ERP, CRM and EAM products (by SAP, ORACLE, etc.).

TOMS can be included in the class of systems referred to as Network Information Systems (NIS) designed to meet the needs of energy distributors (electricity, gas, heat) or public networks administrators (water supplies, sewerage, transport, telecommunications, etc.)

Primarily, TOMS serves the purposes of the technical departments of distribution companies, provides information for the top and middle corporate management and, of course, for the executive staff of the development, construction, maintenance and operation departments.

The implementation of TOMS accompanied with efficient organization of work creates prerequisites to continuously bring down costs for development, construction and maintenance, reduce the waiting time for repairs and outage duration, minimize losses caused by termination of power supply, and gives possibilities to optimize corporate resources and reserves. 




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