PcsPack for Borlands C++ Builder


Pcspack for C++ Builder gives you the same capabilities of PcsCustom but in a package file that will embed into C++ Builder.  For C++ builder users this is the way to go.  Delphi users need to use PcsCustom OCX since Borlands Delphi will not recognize its own c++ Borland builder packages for some reason.  PcsPack contains the same methods, events and properties as PcsCustom does.  PcsPack does not use MFC so it easy to create a static build, standalone image file (.exe) that requires no supporting DLL's to run.

Here is a demo C++ builder app running.  The black rectangle represents PcsPack (Pcscustom equivalent) but for Borland C++ builder instead.  The rest of the application are standard Borland C++ builder controls.