Are You A Disgruntled Cad Software Developer?

    Is your cad vendor creating its own applications monopoly?  Is your cad vendor wanting to become the sole provider of vertical applications, training, sales and so on?  Are you the third party developer after have creating a successful product only to have the cad vendor roll your ideal into there next release?  Are you paying high deployment costs since your application requires there baseline product?  Are you stuck in a obsolete development environment because that is all the cad vendor offers?  Is your business suffering because of this?   If you answered yes to any one of the questions you have come to the right place.

What to do about this?  There is an alternative.  PcsCustom by Pangaea Cad Solutions.

Pangaea Cad Solutions is a tools provider, not an applications company.  We will never compete with your products and your success is our success.

PcsCustom is royalty free.  Your deployment costs are zero.

PcsCustom is a complete CAD environment wrapped up in one powerful activeX control.  You can use any development environment that supports activeX controls.  Almost all development languages support activeX controls since activeX controls are a Microsoft technology.

PcsCustom contains over 700 methods, properties and events.  Anything you can do in your current cad application interface you can do with PcsCustom but even easier since you use the development language and integrated development environment of your choice.  You choose the layout and presentation of your application.  PcsCustom is just a black box you drop into your application.  Other CAD vendors make you work around there baseline product using there tools.  They have it backwards.  "The cart before the horse."   Only PcsCustom gives you complete freedom for your application.

On the last point, "Is your business suffering?",  we can include links to your products on our web page.

To see a few un-disgruntled developers and there wares see the PcsCad testimonials page.