Free Downloads

Notice:   All products can be downloaded for free by anyone and are fully functional other than for batch processing.  Commercial users can still use the products for evaluation purposes.  A notice will appear in the product stating not for commercial use.  Educational institutes may freely use the products at will.  Educational institutes may request a free license file so that the "not for commercial use" message does not appear.  Commercial users with a support package should visit the commercial users updates page.

PcsCustom Ocx is a complete cad package in a activeX control that can be used in Visual Basic, Web Pages, Sun Java, Delphi or any of the many other products out there that support activeX controls.   PcsCustom Ocx was the first CAD activeX control on the market and been around since 1993.  PcsCustom Ocx is only predated by PcsVB a 16 bit  VBX meant for windows 3.1 which was also written by Pangaea Cad Solutions.

The above applies to PcsCustom and PcsPack.   DualCAD is truly freeware available from the home page.


PcsCustom Ocx Download  version Nov 25, 2009  VB6, windows 2000-XP


PcsPack  Download version May 25,2008 C++ Builder  No longer supported, please use PcsCustom, Pcscustom2005 or Pcscustom2008 instead.


Windows XP Visual Studio 2005 Support Version March 29/2009

PcsCustom OCX for Visual Studio 2005 .NET (Windows XP)


Windows Vista Visual Studio 2008 Support Version May 3/2010

PcsCustom OCX for Visual Studio 2008 .NET (Windows Vista)


Note:  PcsCustom2005 and PcsCustom2008 cannot be installed on the same machine at the same time since they have the same GUID.  PcsCustom2005 and Pcscustom2008 will coexist with PcsCustom Ocx (windows 2000-xp) VB6 on the same machine but not in the same project.


Install procedure

You may encounter the error on windows Vista  dllregisterserver   regsvr32 failed   0x80040200  error

To work around this, run regsvr32.exe from an elevated command prompt. To get an elevated command prompt, right-click on the "Command Prompt" shortcut and select "Run as Administrator".

Alternatively, you can turn off UAC. .

To install Pcscustom.ocx into VB 2008, select Tools from the main menu, then Choose ToolBox Items

Select the Com Components tab.

Scroll down until you see Pcscustom Control and click the check box,  Click OK

From your Toolbox inside VB scroll down till you see AJAX Extensions. Click Ocx Pcscustom Control and drop it onto your form.