The DualCAD and DualCAD Review Project

The DualCAD project is an ongoing project "over 17 years" to create a freeware cad application that handles the basic needs of most microstation users. Currently DualCAD is aimed at the 2D user with perhaps rotated views , reference files, and hybrid raster files.  DualCAD can be run under LINUX using WINE.  For more advanced CAD needs please look at PcsCustom.   DualCAD Review is for redlining only.  Choose DualCAD review if you do not want your users editing the actual design file.

Here is a screen shot of DualCAD in action.  DualCAD can open multiple files at the same time.  The sample below opens a V8 file, V7,  a raster CIT file and a hybrid raster file of the moon.  DualCAD also costs a lot less.  Its freeware.  You have nothing to lose. Download from the main page to see if DualCAD can help your organization cut costs.

  • Runs completely standalone, does not use or require Microstation or OpenDesign to be installed on the client machine.
  • PDL programming language.  (Based on QBasic)  Easy to learn. Easy to create powerful macros.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is DualCAD?

DualCAD is a 100% Microstation editor developed by Pangaea Cad Solutions.   DualCAD will edit or redline both V7 and V8 Microstation files.   DualCAD handles resource files, truetype fonts and user defined linestyles.  You can also attach both raster and reference files to your drawing  You can create clip regions for the reference files , scale,rotate and move them.  You can create cell libraries and add cells to them.  DualCAD also has built in macro language based on QBasic.  QBasic is about as simple as a programming language can get so people with no programming experience can still create useful macros.  Create your next project using DualCAD and be confident that both Microstation and AutoCAD users will be able to call up your drawings without any problems.


Is DualCAD really free of charge, even for commercial use?

Yes, DualCAD may be used free of charge, even when deploying commercial applications. However, if you wish to show your appreciation and support its development, you can make a donation or purchase a support package.

Note:  "Free of charge" must not be confused with "completely free". DualCAD is a copyrighted software, not public domain software. There are some restrictions on distribution and use; see the license file info.


Why is DualCAD free of charge, even for commercial use?

DualCAD is free of charge because we are confident that you will be impressed  by the quality of our product and purchase further products and/or support services.  DualCAD also drives the development cycle of our other products so DualCAD costs us very little to maintain.


How can DualCAD possibly download and install in 30 seconds?

DualCad is not "bloatware".  Our product is packed with useful features, yet is extremely efficient.


Its freeware, it can't possibly be any good?

DualCAD has been a ongoing project for over 18 years.  The same software is used by fortune 500 companies around the world as well as smaller companies.  Check the testimonials page to see what others are doing with Pangaea Cad Solutions software.

Where is the help file?

The help and tutorials are on the web here  http://www.pcscad/dualcaddoc