Annual Support and Maintenance Agreement for Pangaea Cad Solutions WebDGN Software



Purchase of an Annual Maintenance Agreement covers:


Annual Maintenance Agreements can be purchased in 1, 2 or 3 year increments.

Years Amount
1 $1500
2 $2800
3 $3900

Terms and Conditions

Renewal: The Agreement renews automatically on the renewal date listed on the invoice. Unless the Agreement has been cancelled, a renewal form will be sent to the main contact listed on the invoice. If a response is not received within 30 days, the Agreement will be considered canceled.  After that period, renewal amounts will be based on the prevailing software list price. For example, if the software list price was $4500 at the time of purchase, the renewal amount will be calculated based on $4500 for the first three years. After that, the renewal amount will be calculated based on the software list price at the time of renewal. Please note that lapses in maintenance agreements are not allowed. In the case where a maintenance agreement expired, any future renewals of said agreement will begin on the day following the original expiration date.

Cancellation: The Agreement can be cancelled at any time in writing by e-mail, fax or letter. In case of cancellation, Pangaea Cad Solutions will not pro-rate or issue any refunds for any unused time on this agreement.