Other Uses Introduction


Though PcsCad was initially designed as a cad system, its capabilities go much beyond that.  It can be also for data acquisition, plotting of data, and slew of other things..  Sure you can put your data into Microsoft Excel or Access database and use the built in plot functions.  That might be good enough but then again it might not.  What if you want to edit your data, add some footnotes, after you plotted it or want it displayed different than the stock options?   You can't. Your stuck with with the built in functions.  With PcsCAD PDL programming cad interface or PcsCustom you can program your data to look any way you like.  Also once you plot your data with Excel or Access you have a static image of your data.  You can't measure off it unless you want to print it and use a ruler.  Using PcsCAD you have an actual cad file.  You can now use the measure tools, smartpick to accurately drill down through your data.  No guesswork.   You can zoom in and out, pan the data.  And by sending one file to colleague they can do the same with full functionality drill down.

Another use is for creating engineering plans out of raw surveying data.  If you have a way to collect the raw data,  and since a picture is worth a thousand words, you have a way of presenting that data without having a lot of programming skill.  

The software can also be used to make real time panel displays.  Panels can be custom drawn.  For example the dashboard lights and gauges of a car be drawn.  Using PcsCAD cad primitives the gauges and  dashboard lights can be made to display data in real time.  There are many cad primitives such as animate that make it easy to blink a trouble indicator with one line of code.

The cad software can also be used in embedded systems.  Since the total footprint size of the cad software is less than 4 megabytes it can fit many applications.

Since the software is small it can be downloaded quickly and can be used for cad training in the classroom.  Not to mention that its free its ideally suited for classroom use.