A complete CAD development environment in one powerful OCX. This ActiveX control can be used in many development environments, such as VB and Delphi, to display and edit/redline DGN files, and , if needed, tie these drawings and their elements back to non-graphic databases such as Access and Oracle. Not only can you display a DGN file, you can also directly edit it in it's native format. Edit and place new elements interactively with the mouse or programmatically by coordinates, even generate and attach database linkages as you go! Build your own customized CAD package, or batch processing utilities.

Full command set includes over 600 methods, properties and events aimed specifically at displaying CAD data from DGN files. You can even view hybrid vector/raster files in TIF, JPEG, CIT, COT, RLE, TG4 and BMP formats. Step through a CAD file one element at a time, even define search criteria (by weight, level, etc) and extract information for further processing or editing.

Below is an example of how easy it is to create applications using PcsCustom.  The grey rectangular area represents PcsCustom activeX control.  Below that is the actual source code to run the simple viewer.

After the user runs the application and picks the Open button the hybrid raster appears.  To zoom in pick the zoom in button.  The xur = yur = is event driven code that is being driven by the mouse.  The xur,yur represents that actual coordinates of the design file.  So there you have it. A dozen lines of code to create a simple viewer.  Of course you can do a lot more than create a simple viewer.  Check out the testimonials page.

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Miniumum Requirements

Windows 2000,XP,Vista, Visual Basic 5.0 or higher, Delphi 4.0 or higher, C++ 5.0 Builder or VC++ or higher

Features Include:
  • Edit DGN in their native formats
  • Attach and detach reference files
  • Place CAD elements interactively or by coordinates
  • Manipulate database linkage information
  • Scan and process elements within a CAD file
  • Over 600 methods, properties and events
  • Single OCX installation, makes distribution a snap
Benefits Include:
  • Quick application development using VB or Delphi
  • Program using Visual Basic or Delphi
  • Create standalone applications in a fraction of the time


Download non commercial use version now  The non commercial use version of PCS-Custom OCX is fully functional but displays a not for commercial use banner.  Commercial users may download it for evaluation.

Download the help file for PCS-Custom OCX