Pangaea Cad Solutions Commercial Use Product Pricing

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PcsCustom Ocx Developer Complete CAD package in one activeX control $1485 USD includes one year of maintenance and support.  No royalties
PcsCustom Ocx yearly maintenance Renewal of above $985 USD, continued maintenance and support of your investment. No royalties
Dual CAD Turnkey CAD application to edit/redline Microstation design files (DGN) $0  Freeware, unlimited licenses.   support (optional)
WebDGN Web based CAD solution so you may easily publish your DGN files $2495 USD, includes unlimited client licenses,  $1485 USD support for a year.
C++ Builder PcsPack Complete CAD package in a C++ builder Package file No longer available at this time.  Maybe be reactivated if interest is there.
Pocket DGN Review/Edit DGN files on PocketPC Platform $49 per seat


Send email to to purchase.   For your convenience the following products can be purchased online.  Pricing is slightly hire due to merchant accounts processing fees..

PcsCustom Developer, comes with 1 year maintenance and support ">$1499 USD


PcsCustom Maintenance and Support for 1 year                             $1000 USD


WebDGN Maintenance and Support for 1 year                              $1500 USD


WebDGN Maintenance and Support for 2 years                              $2800 USD


WebDGN Maintenance and Support for 3 years                             $3900 USD