Simply put WebDGN allows you to easily publish your drawings to the web.  On the client side no intelligence is lost in the drawing.  Its like having a complete cad environment on the client where you can drill down, query, redline and print.  Actually WebDGN uses PcsCustom on the client side so the complete list of over 700 methods and properties inside PcsCustom are available.  PcsCustom runs as an activeX control under Microsoft Internet Explorer.   Since PcsCustom is royalty free, you may distribute as many copies as you need with no regard to licensing issues.

WebDGN is a client/server application.  On the server side there is server application that intercepts requests for microstation design files.  The server application PcsWeb packages the design file and reference files, raster files, custom fonts and sends this to Internet Explorer where PcsCustom displays the file.  Once the file is in cache on the client there is no further interaction with the server.  All the zooming, panning, and printing is done locally at the client.  This methodology puts very little load on the server so the server is free to do other thing as well.  The interaction between the client and server is very fast, all files are compressed so the end user gets a very productive environment to query and review drawing files.  Please see WebDGN under Products for more information.


WebDGN Setup Instructions


The first step is install the server side ISAPI filter pcsweb.dll   Create a new directory on the server,  for this walk through the directory will be called c:\webdgn.   You may call the directory anything you want,  but

DO NOT create the directory under Program Files.   Program Files gets extra security by default from Windows and WebDGN cannot function properly there since WebDGN needs to create temporary files.

We first create a directory c:\webdgn.   Remember all this work is being directly on the server.  We will do the client setup later.

Copy pcsweb.dll,  *.ctr, pwconfig.exe from the pcsweb Zip file to  c:\webdgn

We now need to activate the pcsweb.dll filter.

There are numerous ways to get to the IIS control panel,  here is one way to do it.

Start, control panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management.  You should have a screen that looks something like this now.


Click Default Web Site,  in left panel.   Then, right click, and click Properties.  Click ISAPI Filters

Here you can see pcsweb is already running.  If this is a new installation will not see pcsweb running but this is want we want to achieve.


Click the Add button

For Filter Name:  Keyin pcsweb

For Executable:   Give the complete full path,  in this walk through that would be.


Click OK.

At this point, the filter will be installed but not running.  The Status will be blank and the Priority will be Unknown.

To start the filter running we need to stop the default website,  stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service, restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service, and finally start the default website again.  All 4 steps are required to get the filter running properly.  At this point you will see a green arrow pointing up and the priority low as seen above.

As a side note.  When replacing the filter with a new version of the filter,  stop the website, stop the world wide web publishing service,  then overwrite the existing filter.  Restart the world wide web publishing service, and then restart the website.  If you do not follow this order, you will find the existing filter will be locked and cannot be overwritten.


MIME Types


WebDGN will not run with out an association to some MIME type's due to added security in Microsoft IIS.

Do do this click Internet Information Services in Computer Management screen.  Then right click,  then click Properties.

Then click MIME Types...

Add the MIME type


and assign


Also add the MIME type


and also assign


At this point your WebDGN server is ready to run.  We will custom tailor it with the Pwconfig.exe program later.

Copy some some design files with extension .dgn to your website usually c:\inetpub\wwwroot so you have some test data.


Client Software PcsCustom

PcsCustom is what does the work inside of Internet Explorer on the client.  The file is called pcscus.ocx and be found inside the zip file.  Pcscus.ocx needs to be distributed to each machine that will be using.  Copy Pcscus.ocx to a directory of your choice.  We now need to register the software.  We do this with regsvr32.


c:\pcs>c:\windows\system32\regsvr32 pcscus.ocx

You will get a notification if this succeed or failed.

You can also do this on your server.  It makes testing simpler if you can first try from the server.

So assuming you registered pcscus.ocx on your server,  go into Internet Explorer and key in


Assuming you have a file test.dgn on your server, the file should appear inside Internet Explorer

If WebDGN is working properly, you see the file pcs0.tmp in the c:\webdgn directory.

 Not working try this first:

Keyin pwconfig inside the directory c:\webdgn.

Turn on debug logging.  When you attempt to call up a file, you will see a detailed report inside the file pcsweb.err, also in the directory c:\webdgn

If the file did come up,  you can try this from a client machine.